More Homo-bigotry

The News-Journal is reporting on a woman's complaint, filed with the state, against a doctor and physician's assistant alleging she was given literature condemning homosexuality as "sinful and sexually impure" after a routine appointment.

Jamie Beiler, formerly of Kissimmee, saw physician's assistant Dawn Pope-Wright on March 11, 2005, for a bronchitis checkup because her normal doctor was on vacation, according to a Jan. 27 complaint filed with the Division of Medical Quality Assurance.

Beiler's sexuality was noted in her medical file, but unmentioned during the appointment, her lawyers said.

When she opened up an envelope Pope-Wright left at the checkout counter, she was shocked to find photocopied pages including Bible verses that denounced homosexuality and asserted God can help her change.

"The information that Ms. Pope-Wright gave to Ms. Beiler was derogatory and offensive, and completely disrespected her right to dignity and privacy," the complaint says.

This after an attack in a Massachusetts gay bar that put three people in the hospital. The Boston Globe reports:

...Robida (the suspect) walked into Puzzles (the bar) around midnight yesterday, wearing a black-hooded sweatshirt and black pants that concealed a knife, hatchet, and handgun. One unidentified witness recognized him as Jake, a classmate from New Bedford High, and was suspicious because she knew he was not gay, according to the affidavit.

Robida flashed identification, apparently fake, and ordered Captain Morgan rum on the rocks, according to the documents and witnesses. He asked the bartender if Puzzles was a gay bar. He asked another patron about gay bars in the area, was told there was a lesbian bar nearby, and replied, ''No, this is the one I want," according to court documents.

He walked to the pool table and struck a man from behind with the hatchet, according to the affidavit. He then attacked a second man, and a furious struggle ensued, as other patrons tried to subdue him, the affidavit stated. One patron hit him on the head with a pool cue, said the bartender, who identified himself only as Phillip, because the suspect was at large.

Robida was wrestled to the ground, then pulled out a handgun and opened fire, hitting one man next to him and another man, Rosado, who was walking out of the bathroom, according to court papers.

A lot of people think homosexuality is a sin. Fine, that's your right. But a lot of people think that taking the Lord's name is a sin. I've never seen someone get hit with a hatchet for saying "oh my God!" That means this is about hate and no matter how much you try to convince me that this is about religion, I'm gonna call bullshit.

Hating people for who they are is bigotry. Period.

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