Confused About What You're Looking At?

Check out this link at the Financial Times, of all places, for answers.

But as with any revolution, we must ask whether we are being sold a naked emperor. Is blogging really an information revolution? Is it about to drive the mainstream news media into oblivion? Or is it just another crock of virtual gold - a meretricious equivalent of all those noisy internet start-ups that were going to build a brave “new economy” a few years ago?

He's not to keen on the whole blogging thing, me thinks. That's ok, he works at a newspaper. Why should he like the competition?

Honestly, though, blogs really aren't in competition with the MSM. Most blogs are really just aopportunityty for an individual to shape how others consume Main Stream Media. This blog is no exception.

I'm responding to or pointing out the portions of the MSM that I think are most important, relevant, or most often, damning. I don't have the time or the resources to actually report on one story, let alone all the goings on around the world. My goal is to act as a filter and offering commentary on what I'm reading.

This is not to say that blogs have no effect on 'conventional' media. They can bring certain stories more attention and prominence. They can act as independent observers, calling other news sources on their errors and forcing better reporting all around.

Even if a person doesn't read blogs, they're benefiting from the advocacy and opinioshapingng that blogs provide.

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