Bush Appointed Dubai Exec to DOT

RawStory is reporting that one of the senior executives of Dubai Port World, Dave Sanborn, was appointed to a "key transportation appointment reporting directly to Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta." The fine folks at RawStory have posted a link to the original DP World Press Release.

Dubai, 24 January 2006: - Global ports operator DP World today welcomed news that one of its senior executives, Dave Sanborn, has been nominated by US President George W. Bush to serve as Maritime Administrator a key transportation appointment reporting directly to Norman Mineta the Secretary of Transportation and Cabinet Member.


Mr Sanborn currently holds the position of Director of Operations for Europe and Latin America for the Dubai-based company

Mohammed Sharaf, CEO, DP World said: "While we are sorry to lose such an experienced and capable executive, it is exactly those qualities that will make Dave an effective administrator for MarAd. We are proud of Dave'’s selection and pleased that the Bush Administration found such a capable executive. We wish him all the best in his new role."

Ted Bilkey, Chief Operating Officer, DP World said: "Dave'’s decades of experience in markets around the world, together with his passion for the industry and commitment to its development, will allow him to make a positive contribution to the work of the Maritime Administration. We wish him well for the future."”

Before anybody starts in with conspiracy theories, DP World didn't get these ports through any government deal, they bought out the British company that already had the administrative duties for the ports.

And while we're here, a word about the outrage this change in authority has generated. The whole thing is racially tinged and rooted in xenophobia. The company won't own the ports, it will just act as administrator. All the rules and laws will stay the same. DP World administers ports on three continents. None of their ports have ever suffered a terrorist attack. The outrage is racial and I'm ashamed that the Democrats have jumped on the bandwagon.

UPDATE: 11:20 am
Think Progress has a post up outlining that the Bush Administration didn't conduct the preliminary investigations required by law. This changes things a bit, but the outrage is still based on xenophobia.

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