Come on. You know he thought about it...

The Washington Post reports on Del. John S. "Jack" Reid's accidental discharging of a handgun in the Virginia General Assembly Building.

It seems "Jack" was sitting at his desk, unloading his side arm (which he carries for protection) and preparing to place the weapon in a desk drawer. "Accidentally" the gun went off, the bullet lodging in the bullet-proof vest hanging on the back of his office door. Bullshit. How incredibly lucky that the bullet would end up in the bullet proof vest. I'm sure nowhere in his GOP-addled brain did it occur to him 'wonder if that vest actually works...'

This post isn't about how bad guns are for society. I'm not as anti-gun as most people would guess someone as liberal as I am would be. I grew up around guns and was taught how to use them safely. (I'm not, however, so pro-gun that I don't think a bit more regulation and registration would benefit us greatly.) This post is about how bad idiots are for society and how the GOP tends to seek out, elect, and promote them.

The Founding Fathers, a group of men the Republican Party loves to compare themselves to, would not have condemned "Jack" for carrying a gun. They wouldn't really be familiar with any society that didn't have good reason to be have guns around. That said, they managed to set up a nation, fight for it, and then govern it for a couple of decades without "accidentally" shooting at doors in the Virginia Assembly.

At its root, this is a throw-away diary that only points out the fact that elected office isn't attracting the best and the brightest of our nation anymore.

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