Bush Supporters More Likely to be Racists

The Washington Post had an article yesterday that confirms what we've all known all along; the Republican Party has a base that includes a significant number of racists.

I'm not claiming all Republicans are racists. My brother is a Republican and I know that he is NOT a racists. Nixon's Southern Strategy, however, continues to provide for the GOP.

Of the five states with the highest percentage of African American citizens, Mississippi (37%), Louisiana (33%), Georgia, Maryland, and South Carolina (30% each), all but Maryland are represented exclusively by white Republicans.

In what has to be some sort of record, Bush's approval rating among African Americans is TWO PERCENT. So much for the 'big-tent' party.

This before the Republicans role out their new immigration initiative, no doubt shaped to lionize groups like the 'Minute Men.' Leave it to the GOP to try to use old fashioned nativism to get votes. Sad fact: It will work.

Oh, one more thing. A complaint about the article itself: If there is scientific evidence of Racism on the part of Bush supporters, the logical counter-balance (always fair and balanced!) is... a quote from the Head of the Republican National Convention? He's obviously a scientist who can back up his party rhetoric with verifiable scientific data.

UPDATE: Check out the quotes from Freeper-ville here about Bush's reaction to the Coretta Scott King Funeral.

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