Wolfowitz Out?

ABC's The Blotter:

World Bank officials say the bank's board is completing an "exit strategy" that will allow World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz to resign this afternoon and "still save some face" over the issue of his efforts to seek a promotion and pay raise for his girlfriend at the bank.

The officials say the bank's board will accept Wolfowitz's resignation but will also acknowledge that the World Bank's Ethics Committee bears "some responsibility" for giving him bad advice on the issue of his girlfriend.

The decision is likely today, officials say, because Wolfowitz had been scheduled to leave tonight for a European trip.
The World Bank decides to leave him a shred of dignity in return for getting rid of him.

If he does get fired (and even if he doesn't go today, he will soon) the kicker of this whole thing is that one of the principal planners of the worst military disaster in modern U.S. history was never fired for the debacle that is the War in Iraq - just kicked out as head of the World Bank for getting his girlfriend an undeserved raise.

It hardly seems fair.

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