Desperate Bleatings of a Fallen 'Star'

Ann Coulter's latest prattle about Obama is so weak that even Ann must be unimpressed.

After Newsweek released a poll that had Barack Obama leading top Republicans, Ms. Coulter had this to say on Fox News' "At Large:"

"I think this is Newsweek doing more push polling for al-Qaida"
When Geraldo Rivera asked if she thought that Newsweek would falsify the poll results, Ann replied:
"Yes, I do ... In polls where people are actually allowed to vote, Republicans do a lot better.
Just like Florida, right Ann?

Ann is slipping. Sure, she's still saying outrageous things, but they no longer have the (deceptive) appearance of being connected to reality. Attacking Newsweek for push polling for al Qaida? Please. The game has changed. Intimating that Liberals are terrorists isn't working any more. She never bother to explain how Obama's lead in the polls would help al Qaida.

I guess explanations aren't really all that popular on the right...

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