A Day Late and a Dollar Short - As Usual

So, yeah, another day with a meager post count. I'm leaving work a bit early today to head out of town to visit friends, so (of course) work's been crazy. My apologies.

Somehow it's escaped my notice that today marks the end of De-Lurking Week. Being a serial lurker myself, I think the idea of people saying 'hi' sounds like a great idea, so if you happen by here regularly, de-lurkerize yourself if the spirit moves you!

Of course De-Lurking Week has a downside.

This post opens me up to the possibility of a confidence crushing realization that nobody reads my blog. Ever. People just end up here due to google searches that turn up some of my posts about the Foley scandel and run away screaming when they realize that my blog isn't, well, stimulating in the way they expected.

Bloggers, or at least this blogger, likes to pretend that they don't care if nobody reads their blog. They say things like 'the writing helps me organize my thoughts.' But they really do want people to read it. Hell, one of the happiest blog-moments I've had is when I had a troll tell me I was going to hell for siding with 'Abortionists' instead of Jesus and little babies. I had my very own troll!

Sadly, it turned out to be a one time thing...

Anyway, thank you to all (any?) of my readers. If no one de-lurks, I'll just figure you're all shy.

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