I'm IT!!!

Shakes' Magical Mystery Meme has been making the rounds. Here's how it works: I write you five stories. One is a fabrication, the other four are genuine fact.

  • 2. I only applied to one University and only applied for one job upon graduating. With the exception of tricking my wife into marrying me, I've used up all the luck that I've been allotted for the rest of my life.
  • 3. I was once spit upon by a pick pocket because I had the audacity to catch him trying to lift my wallet, grab him by the fingers and start yelling at him. There was a police officer in the train car, but, luckily for me, he jumped off the subway just as the doors were closing. In hindsight, I'm sure he would have been much more convincing when he explained to the officer why I had grabbed him by the fingers and bent them back as far as I could - seeing as he and the officer spoke Italian and I did not.
  • 4. I have puked off of the highest balcony on the highest building in State College, Pennsylvania. Alcohol was involved.
  • 5. If, in the comments, you guess the right story and leave you name and address, I'll buy you a pony and ship it to you via American Express.
There you go. Five quality stories, only two of which involve bodily functions. Your guess is as good as mine.

Now, here's the tricky part: I'm supposed to tag five more people. I really don't think I know of five people with blogs that read my blog. In fact, the one person with a blog that I know reads this blog tagged me!

Here's a few bloggers that I'll tag anyway. MissPride @ The Mind of a Sapphic Writer, Knight Errant @ A Little Reality (Who, I discovered tagged me earlier on an entirely unrelated meme-thing which I missed. Sorry, K.E.), Doppelganger @ 50 Books, who runs in an entirely different blogging circle, but writes one of my absolute favorite blogs, and... That's it, I'm out. Cosmic bad luck will be mine forever, I suppose.

Well, I'm willing to chance it.

Happy Holidays to all, I promise I will return to regular blogging soon, though I imagine it will be after the First of the Year before any real regularity returns here. In the meantime, enjoy friends, family, food and the holidays!


Shakespeare's Sister said...

I think #5's the bogus one! :-)

KnightErrant said...

#4 is the false trail. You can hold your liquor and I want that pony.

terry said...

#2 is the fabrication. there's nothing else to do at Penn State in the winter other than to get drunk until you puke.