The Horror! The Horror!

From the Patriot News:

WASHINGTON - A month after suffering the largest defeat by a Senate incumbent in a quarter-century, U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum ponders a future as a cable TV talking head and earning big bucks on the lecture circuit.

Santorum, who lost to Democrat Bob Casey Jr. in last month's election, has been weighing offers. They range from appearing on Fox News Channel as an analyst to working for a law firm, according to several people who have spoken with the Pennsylvania Republican.

Santorum, one of the most vocal lawmakers for the last decade, has been nearly invisible in the last month as he weighs his options.

Santorum has been negotiating a cable deal, which political insiders say most likely is with Fox -- though MSNBC and CNN have been mentioned as well -- "to be a screamer," as one political operative put it.

Suddenly the salad I'm having for lunch doesn't taste so good...

I thought we were rid of this asshat. I cannot understand how failing to win reelection (and rather spectacularly at that) qualifies you for your own cable show. Why would any (non-ideologically driven) network ever chose a commentator who's been rejected by the public?

I guess I answered my own question.

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