Habeas Corpus

From the Kansas City Star:

WASHINGTON - President Bush's victory in getting the rules he wanted to try suspected terrorists could be diminished.

The top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee signaled this week that he'll join prominent Democrats in seeking to restore legal rights to hundreds of suspected terrorists confined at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and elsewhere.

While the measure to restore the right of habeas corpus has almost no chance of passing before Congress adjourns later this week, the message is clear: When Democrats take over in early January, the issue could resurface.
It damn well better resurface!

The last time that this was up for debate, the effort to restore habeas failed by only three votes. While I doubt that anything will happen this week, five new Democratic Senator may be able to get something done in January...


Tom Bailey said...

I just hope that no terrorists come out of there and do terrible things.
Would you want them moving next door to you? I wouldnt.


comrade O'Brien said...

Attention Comrade,
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