Americans aren't Dumb

From the AP:

WASHINGTON - Americans are overwhelmingly resigned to something less than clear-cut victory in
Iraq and growing numbers doubt the country will achieve a stable, democratic government no matter how the U.S. gets out, according to an AP poll.

At the same time, dissatisfaction with
President Bush's handling of Iraq has climbed to an alltime high of 71 percent. The latest AP-Ipsos poll, taken as a bipartisan commission was releasing its recommendations for a new course in Iraq, found that just 27 percent of Americans approved of Bush's handling of Iraq, down from his previous low of 31 percent in November.

"Support is continuing to erode and there's no particular reason to think it can be turned back," said John Mueller, an Ohio State University political scientist and author of "War, Presidents and Public Opinion." Mueller said that once people "drop off the bandwagon, it's unlikely they'll say 'I'm for it again.' Once they're off, they're off."

Even so, Americans are not necessarily intent on getting all U.S. troops out right away, the poll indicated. The survey found strong support for a two-year timetable if that's what it took to get U.S. troops out. Seventy-one percent said they would favor a two-year timeline from now until sometime in 2008, but when people are asked instead about a six-month timeline for withdrawal that number drops to 60 percent.
I find it interesting that 60% of Americans calling for a withdrawal within 6 months isn't enough for Americans to be 'intent on getting all U.S. troops out right away.' What do they want, absolute concensus?

In the end, Bush may be too stuborn to leave Iraq, Baker Commission or no Baker Commission. If so, every candidate running in 2008, however, will have to have a plan to get out of Iraq. It will be the issue. That doesn't bode well for John 'Send More Troops' McCain.

And with 30 dead already in the first week of December, I'm not seeing any way that this number is the 'bottom' for the Bush Administration. I figure there's another 5 or 10 percentage points out there yet. I expect to see disapproval for Bush's handling of Iraq pushing 80% and the percentage calling for a timeline should eventually reach the same levels...

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