FoxNews: Liberal Bloggers = Terrorists

It's interesting to note that you never hear about Fox being 'Fair & Balanced' or spouting their old slogan 'We Report, You Decide.' Have they finally given up trying to convince the world they're anything other than the GOP's news organ?

It would seem so. Even people who aren't political junkies or news fiends have heard enough jokes to come to the realization that FoxNews isn't like all the others. Granted, for many viewers, that's exactly why they watch. They know FoxNews is right-wing but for them that's a good thing.

More balanced news wasn't going to convince those people that Nancy Pelosi is anything other than the spawn of satan anyway. FoxNews, to a degree rivaled only by blogs, preach almost exclusively to the choir.

How's that for a turn-around: FoxNews & Bloggers: The Same type of Audience?

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