Breaking! Terrorists Attack in New York City

But it was a domestic right-wing terrorist attacking Air America and Al Franken, so you won't hear about it on the news...

From the New York Post:

Three packages containing white powder were found yesterday in the mail by a worker at the Manhattan studios of liberal talk-radio station Air America, police said.

The employee made the find at the stations' headquarters at 641 Sixth Ave.

The three packages - one of which was addressed to on-air personality Al Franken - contained a powder-like substance, which proved to be harmless.
Side note: Here's the deleted Free Republic thread on Chad Castagana/Marc Costanzo, the Freeper who sent fake anthrax to liberals which I posted about yesterday. Plenty of liberal-blaming and disbelieving fun.

Review: Conservative extremist engages in terror to silence liberals, media remains silent.

Move along, move along. Nothing to see here. Clear out! Move along, move along. You better get moving or it's Gitmo for you! Nothing to see here, move along...

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