Some Good News

Mason Dixon Polling results:

In WA, Maria Cantwell (D) leads Mike McGavick (R) 50%-40%.

In PA, Bob Casey (D) leads Rick Santorum (R) 49%-40%.

In MD, Ben Cardin (D) leads Michael Steele (R) 47%-41%.

In NJ, Bob Menendez (D) leads Tom Kean Jr (R) 44%-41%.

In OH, Sherrod Brown (D) leads Mike DeWine (R) 45%-43%.

In RI, Sheldon Whitehouse (D) leads Lincoln Chafee (R) 42%-41%.

In TN, Harold Ford (D) leads Bob Corker (R) 43%-42%.

In VA, George Allen (R) tied with Jim Webb (D) 43%-43%.

In MO, Jim Talent (R) is tied with Claire McCaskill (D) 43%-43%.
Take good news when you can get it...

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