Sad News from Florida

Though there is hope that she will engage in amusing post-election antics, the impending defeat* of Katherine Harris by Ben Nelson in Florida means that Krazy Kathy won't be bringing laughter to the world for much longer. In the meantime, the Palm Beach Post has an interesting factoid:

There are 22 daily newspapers in Florida.

All 22 have endorsed Bill Nelson for re-election to the U.S. Senate.

The first was The Palm Beach Post, the latest two on Sunday were The Orlando Sentinel and the Jacksonville-based Florida Times-Union.

The only newspaper that has endorsed Republican candidate Harris is ironically named the Polk County Democrat, published four days a week in Harris' girlhood hometown, Bartow.
That's harsh. The fact that Katherine Harris is the strongest candidate that the GOP could find in a state where the President's brother is the governor is pretty sad.

* - Then again, maybe not...

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