The 'Real Virginia'

From AP:

Members of the Manassas [Virginia] City Council are hearing plenty of opinions on whether a gay man should be allowed to open a massage therapy business in his home.

Howard Daniel is a former Marine Corps reservist who is also a certified massage therapist. He wants to open the business in his home, but nearly two dozen Manassas residents have spoken out against his application.

Daniel already offers his massage therapy services at the local hospital and in the homes of clients.
Two other applications for a home based massage business have been approved by the Manassas City Counsel in the past 3 years, yet half of the council's members have said they'd vote against Daniel's application.

I guess this is the 'Real Virginia' George Felix Allen talks about...

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L.A said...

I think people should be able to make a living because if they don't how will they live? As long as it's not breaking the law or hurting anyone, let him work like the rest of us have to do daily.