More stuff to point at

While we're waiting for November 7th:

notes that the IRS is 'Playing Politics' by waiting until after the election to start collecting back taxes in areas devastated by Bush's failures during Katrina.

The Political Wire reminds GOoPers that attacking Webb for including the fact that there was child prostitution going on in Saigon in his novels might be a bad idea. Right-wingers have a long list of seriously twisted sex scenes in their works of fiction.

The White House is denying that Cheney said that the United States uses torture despite the fact that, well, we do and he did. Said something you regret? Just deny it. "It's a no-brainer."

The only 'Benchmark' reached in Iraq so far is 2008 American deaths. Twenty eight Iraqis were killed today too.

And remember, Bill O'Reilly will be on Letterman tonight.

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