Meanwhile In Iraq...

With all the attention on Foleygate, we risk loosing site of what really should be a bigger scandal - Iraq.

Via the BBC:

Gunmen wearing camouflage uniforms have seized 14 people from a computer store in Baghdad, Iraqi officials say.


Thousands of extra US troops have been sent into Baghdad and there are plans to build a ring of trenches around the city.

Monday's mass kidnap comes a day after 26 workers were reported to have been abducted from a food processing factory in Baghdad.


Meanwhile, police said more than 50 bodies had been found in the Iraqi capital in the past day. All the victims had been shot and a number showed signs of torture.

South of Baghdad, seven headless torsos were recovered from the Tigris at Suwayra.

In other violence, separate bombings in central and northern Baghdad killed at least five people and wounded 10.
So by my count this story documents 30 kidnappings and 67 murders. In one city. And the plan to fix the problem is to dig ditches.

October has already seen 12 Americans and one Englishman killed in Iraq. 134 Iraqi soldiers and policemen have also been killed in October. As much as the Republicans like to say that electing Democrats would be a disaster, I just don't see how anybody could screw up Iraq any more than it already is.

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