Jesus Saves - Republicans Run Up the Debt

Republicans trot out the 'Democrats = higher taxes' argument every two years. A new poll in Virgina shows that the argument may not be as effective as it once was. From the Washington

A large majority of Northern Virginia residents want the state to spend more money to fix the region's roads and rails, and more than three-quarters say they wanted the opportunity to raise local taxes to do it, a new Washington Post poll shows.
That's the thing about Republicans constantly bitching about already low taxes. Eventually, the government (local, state or national) can't live up to the population's expectations because it can't afford to provide the services that the people demand.

Taxes aren't money that the government steals from you. Taxes are a bill. The government uses that money for things like roads, military and police protection, a court system, and all the otherinfrastructure that makes life in the United States possible. The people of Norther Virginia (and I'm sure they're not the only ones) have figured that out. They've subconsciously done their cost/benefit analysis of higher taxes and better roads and decided that paying more for a better commute is worth it.

The GOP has handed the Democratic Party a wonderful opportunity. Their fiscal irresponsibility allow us to make this campaign speech:
A vote for Democratic candidate Smith is a vote for fiscal responsibility. Taxes are the bill for all of the good things that America gives to it's people. Roads, law enforcement, education, disaster assistance, clean water - things Americans have every right to expect from their government.

The Republicans have stopped paying the bills. On many things, it's even worse. My
Republican opponent, Sen. Johnson, voted with the rest of his party to borrow money to pay forXXXXX.

Sen. Johnson is going to try to scare you into voting for him by saying Democrats are going to raise taxes. Repealing tax breaks for the rich isn't raising taxes, it's going back to paying our bills. We have a lot of problems in this country and the government can't solve them for our people by running up the debt.
This does two things. It points out the devastatingly irresponsible way that the GOP has run our government and itinoculates voters against the tired 'tax and spend liberal' argument.

Nobody likes to pay taxes but a concerted effort to get people to understand what their getting from the taxes they pay would go a long way to making the Republican platform less appealing.

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Kathy said...

And it's always good to mention "the good of the children" when you're campaigning. In this case, that would be the children who will end up paying the bills for the Republican's spend and borrow scheme.