In Case You Were Distracted

The International Herald Tribune:

At least 75 corpses have been found in the Baghdad area since Monday morning, the authorities said Tuesday, with most of the bodies bound, riddled with bullets and showing signs of torture.

The grim discoveries reflected a familiar pattern of death-squad killings and sectarian violence in the Iraqi capital. An Interior Ministry spokesman said that 60 of the bodies had been found in Baghdad in the 24-hour period that ended Tuesday morning, while 15 more were discovered during the day.

In addition, at least five bombs exploded in the capital area, killing at least 14 civilians and 6 policemen, and wounding 23 people, the ministry and police sources said.

The discovery of the bodies recalled a day nearly two weeks ago when as many as 60 corpses were found in the capital, many of them apparently shot in the head at close range after being tortured. Major General William Caldwell IV, a U.S. military spokesman, said at the time that such killings and other murders continued to claim more people in Baghdad than suicide bombings did.
The flashing lights of the Foley Scandal and the mushroom cloud over North Korea wrested my attention away from the Disaster in Iraq then you come across something like this... Certainly makes 'Stay the Course!' seem a little silly.

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