I Want what Novak's Smoking

Robert Novak on Meet the Press - Transcript Via Think Progress

RUSSERT: Would a Democratic majority go wild, or govern from the middle? Bob Novak?

NOVAK: There’s going to be a subpoena onslaught, which may or may not be politicaly beneficial. I have never found, in my time in Washington, that these congressional investigations are that effective. I know that in six years of investigating everything possible in the Clinton administration, the Republican Congress was not all that effective.

Tim, let me say this. All politicians always say that this is the most important election that we’ve ever been in, because it is to them. I would make the argument that this is one of the least important elections that I have seen because everybody is really looking ahead to 2008 as an important election. Because if the Democrats win the House, as is probable, they can make and pass a lot of legislation, get nowhere in the Senate — the Senate is a very difficult thing to get through — and the President will suddenly discover his veto pen that he had lost track of for six years. I don’t think that much will happen substantively. It is a nice thing for Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker of the House. But I don’t think there’s going to be much action out of her.
The least important election he's seen? Methinks Bob's a bit disengenous.

I guess with two weeks to go, the Right-Wing-Noise-Machine has gone into full damage control mode. How this squares with the 'If Dems Don't Win They're Irrelevent' meme, I don't know.

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