Falling like Flies

Wonkette has compiled a list of Bush administration officials, Bush appointees and/or Congressional Republicans that have been indicted/convicted/abruptly resigned "to spend more time with their families." I will now shamelessly reproduce it here:

Ken Lay — indicted, convicted, sentenced, killed

J. Clifford Baxter — sued over Enron ripoffs, killed

Thomas Noe — Coingate/Bush Pioneer indicted, convicted, imprisoned

David H. Safavian
— Bush aide/Abramoff agent indicted, resigned, convicted, imprisoned

John Ashcroft — why did Soaring Eagle resign? Plamegate? Anyway, he immediately became one of K Street’s top lobbyists.

Michael Brown — resigns as FEMA boss after Katrina disaster

Scooter Libby — indicted, resigned

Jack Abramoff — indicted, convicted, imprisoned, still bringing people down

Lil’ Jacks
— Ralph Reed, Grover Norquist, Michael Scanlon, Conrad Burns, John Doolittle, James Dobson, Richard Shelby, various other crooks

Duke Cunningham
— indicted, resigned, convicted, imprisoned

Kyle “Dusty” Foggo — resigns No. 3 CIA post, investigated by CIA Inspector General over Hookergate

Porter Goss — resigns CIA chief job along with Foggo

Claude Allen — Bush’s top domestic policy adviser resigns to “spend more time with family,” actually caught robbing local department stores

Andrew Card — Resigns as CoS to “spend more time with family”

Scott McClellan — Resigns as WH spokesman to spend more time with Andrew Card’s family

Tom DeLay — resigns as Speaker and then as congressman for being a crook & all-around asshole

Phillip MerrillExIm Bank boss, undersecretary of defense & NATO ambassador, assassinated

William H. Lash
— assistant secretary of commerce, “shoots self”

Bob Ney — indicted, convicted, resigns, rehab, prison

Ted Stevens
— Feds raid family offices and homes in Alaska

Mark Foley — resigned, rehab, FBI investigating

Susan Ralston — resigned as Karl Rove’s special aide after Abramoff bribes revealed

Curt Weldon
— FBI raids homes and offices of family and business associates; grand jury about to indict

Lester Crawford
— resigns FDA, indicted by DoJ, pleads guilty
That's quite a list. If I were truely dedicated, I'd make this a post somewhere on the side bar and keep updating it as the investigations that are surely to come after november start bringing other BushCo. criminals out of the wood work - but I'm not. So this is all you get.

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