Curt Weldon: Republican's Republican

From the Delco Times:

But recent FEC reports also raise questions about Weldon’s latest statements regarding the federal probe that has ensnared his daughter and a longtime political associate.

Weldon told reporters Wednesday that an ex-FBI agent heard that Democrat Joseph Sestak’s campaign had inside information about the Justice Department investigation -- and when it would be leaked to the press.

"I’m telling you a retired FBI agent, whom I have named, came to me and said that a (Sestak) campaign worker told him three weeks ago that this was going to happen," he said.

While Weldon identified his source as Gregory Auld, he failed to mention that Auld has been on the campaign’s payroll since May.

Campaign finance reports filed this week show that Weldon Victory Committee has paid Auld & Associates Investigations $25,000 to conduct opposition research.
Curt, when you're involved in a corruption scandal, the best policy is probably not trying to lie your way out.

It really boggles the mind. How did the GOP become populated entirely by paranoid nut-jobs? The North Koreans conducted a nuclear test to help Democrats in November. The same with the violence in Iraq. Curt Weldon's crimes are only being investigated because the Democratic Party told the FBI to do it. Foley is a Democratic plant.

For a party that is the minority in both Houses of Congress, doesn't hold the Presidnecy, and whose appointees to the Supreme Court are also the minority, Republicans sure think we've got plenty of power.

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