The 'Axis of Evil' Problem

The problem with identifying an 'Axis of Evil' that must be confronted is that, well, people start keeping score.

Axis of Evil:
  • Iran - Rising Regional Hegemon with a Nuclear Weapons Program. Untouchable due to Iran's agreements with China and Russia plus economic risks of Oil Embargo. Outlook: A nation that has publicly funded rallies where 'Death to America, Death to Israel' is chanted by thousands of people will soon have the bomb and there's nothing we can do about it. Score: +1
  • North Korea - Newest member of the Nuclear Nations club. Defied world opinion and detonated a nuclear weapon in an underground test despite best efforts of U.S. at six way talks. Has long range missiles. Makes neighbors (China, South Korea, Japan) REALLY nervous. Outlook: Sanctions would do no good because the leadership doesn't care if millions die and illicit arms trade brings in millions. Score: +2
  • Iraq - The disastrous War in Iraq is what makes confronting the other two members of the Axis of Evil nearly impossible. Shiite Militias, Insurgents, Sunnis, Kurds... all tying down the majority of American Military power at a time when it might be best used elsewhere. Outlook: The Civil War nobody's talking about. Score: 0
  • Afghanistan (Honorary Member) - Slowly drifting back towards chaos. Central government in Kabul not able to prevent terrorist activities in outlying areas. NATO facing stiff resistance in areas already 'controlled.' Outlook: At the tipping point. As likely to be terrorist haven as democracy in 24 months. Score: +0.5

USA / Free World / Other

  • U.S.A. - Military power stretched to breaking. Unable to threaten meaningful military against Iran or North Korea. Strongly disliked by both foreign governments and foreign populations. Facing political upheaval at home. Outlook: Well, that's the question, isn't it? Score: -2
  • Coalition of the Willing - Slowly dwindling. 2006 saw the withdrawal of Canadian, Italian, and Japanese troops. 2005 saw the withdrawal of Portuguese, Dutch, Ukrainian and Bulgarian forces. Outlook: At this point only the UK, Poland, Australia, Romania, and Denmark, have over 500 troops on the ground. Score: -1
  • Other - Hugo Chavez thinks we're the devil. Everybody else just thinks we're imperialistic, war mongering hypocrites talking about freedom and democracy while torturing prisoners, bringing war and death to millions around the world, to busy ignoring the U.N. and the world community to realize that we've squandered our standing in the world. Outlook: We will never be as respected as we were before George W. Bush became President. Score: -1
Damn. That's pretty one-sided. And the GOP wants to run on National Security? I guess having the media in your pocket helps.

For all the reports in the MSM about how GOoPers are screaming about how terrible it would be to have Democrats running our Foreign Policy, I'd like to see one, just one examination of where six years of Republican Foreign Policy has gotten us.

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