And in Other News...

Wow. The GOP must be absolutely pissed that instead of this story, every media outlet in the country is going to be talking about a creepy, cyber-stalking Republican and the party that covered up for him.

Via the AP:

NEW YORK - The Dow Jones industrial average surged past its all-time trading high of 11,750.28 Tuesday, taking yet another step in its recovery from seven years of market turmoil.

The index of 30 blue chip stocks moved into uncharted territory after briefly passing its record high close of 11.722.98 on Thursday and Monday. Both records were set on Jan. 14, 2000, before the stock market began a precipitous decline caused by the dot-com bust and recession and worsened by the aftermath of terrorism and corporate scandals.
'Dow reaches new high' sounds so much better than... well, 'Republican talking about handjobs with underage boys' (and apparently has been for years.)

News of new Dow highs may be good but most Americans would probably tell you that they don't feel like the economy is humming like it did under Clinton. This because most of the benefit of the 'new Bush economy' is for the richest 5% of Americans.

But it doesn't matter. News that six years into his presidency, George W. Bush has finally manufactured something like the success of his predecessor will be drowned out by news of Republican sex scandals and school shootings.

Take a moment to revel in the fact that your day is going much better than Karl Rove's...

And in Other News... George W. Bush & friends enjoy dining on endangered fish - just to piss off treehuggers.

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