You're Wrong, Mr. Bush

From the Washington Post:

"The most important job of government is to protect the homeland, and yesterday they advanced an important piece of legislation to do just that," Bush told reporters. "I'll continue to work with members of the Congress to get good legislation so we can do our duty."
No, Mr. President, you're wrong. The government's most important job is to uphold the Constitution. That's what you and the members of Congress swear to uphold.

Oh, and that 'legislation' you're talking about? You want there to be no limits on how terror suspects can be questioned and immunity from war crimes charges in court?

I'm just a regular Joe, but I'm going to take that to mean you aren't going to sit down and play 'good cop, bad cop' with them.

This is the United States of America, the greatest force for democracy and human rights the world has ever seen. This is MY country. Stop dragging its good name through the mud (anymore than you've already done.) All the good that America has done in the past, all the good will after winning World War II and staring down the Soviets, has evaporated in the last six years, all because of you, Mr. President.

But I'm sure you're proud of what you've done. You've settled old family scores. Never mind that you've sent thousands of Americans to their deaths in Iraq while Afghanistan's Taliban, the people responsible for the deadliest terror attack on American soil slowly regain control of their country.

You're bankrupting our government, bleeding our military dry and draining what's left of the world's good will towards America. But corporate profits are up, so I'm sure you're thrilled! Never mind that unemployment is up, wages are down, and less Americans have health insurance.

The only thorn in your side is that those uppity women still have the ability to control what happens to their own bodies. But I'm sure you're working to make sure that doesn't last very long...

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