Things that Make Me Nervous

So I got a hit from the Air Force's 355th Communications Squadron in Arizona today. I've gotten hits from military bases (and congress and other government institutions) before and the extent of my thoughts on that has always been 'my tax dollars at work.'

Given what's been going on in this country lately, it's rather unsettling. I know this is a public blog. I try not to put anything in it that the casual reader could use to identify me. But I doubt you'd even need a warrant (quaint thought, I know) to figure out who I was if you really wanted to know.

I'm not afraid that they're going to come haul me of to Gitmo for opposing BushCo's Global War On Terrortm and by extension supporting the terrorist agenda thus making me an enemy combatant, ensuring my inability to challenge the facts that lead to that conclusion.

(I'm more afraid I'm gonna get sued for plagiarism or copyright infringement or stealing' photographs or something like that...)

It just worries me that now my name is on a list somewhere. I already know that this blog has ruined my chances of ever running for office. Can you imagine the amount of stuff on here that any opponent would love to get hold of?

What has happened to America that I don't feel confident that my right to free speech will mean anything if certain people decide that my ideas aren't in line with theirs?

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