Santorum's Tantrum

Via E&P:

The Patriot-News of Harrisburg, Pa., report that Santorum, who trails Democrat Robert Casey in most polls, referred to his "rocky relations with the press" as he moved from room to room to attend regional caucuses earlier at a GOP state committee meeting in a hotel in East Pennsboro.

Later he refused to talk when a Patriot-News reporter, Brett Lieberman, approached with a question about Iran -- and again complained about what he called biased coverage.

"I have to raise tens of millions of dollars because of the junk you feed the people of Pennsylvania," he said, according to the paper. It added that he "then used an expletive to describe the coverage and slammed down a newspaper."
I grew up getting the Patriot News. My best friend was a paperboy for them before he was downsized in favor of an all-adult, car-driving delivery system. My parents still get the Patriot. I attempt to read it every time I go home.

I am very rarely successful unless I confine myself to the sports page. The conservative leanings are hard to miss. Maybe I'm too used to the Washington Post and the New York Times, but reading the Patriot's editorial page is something I should stop doing because it doesn't help my blood pressure. The letters they publish are mindblowing. And they never published any of the letters I sent them. Bastards.

Which brings me back to Santorum. If he has to spend tens of millions to cover up what a right-wing rag like the Patriot says, can you imagine what he'd have to spend if there was real reporting in Pennsylvania?

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