"Path to 9/11"

I would like to quote a Mr. Ed Gillespe, RNC Chairman:

And I think it was important that it be historically accurate. And if they didn't intend to make it historically accurate to make sure
that viewers understood that it was not intended to be historically accurate but a fictional portrayal. So we made two requests: One is having historians review it for accuracy if you're going to broadcast it. And if you're unwilling to do that, inform the viewers that it's not historically accurate. That's not censorship, that's common sense...
He was talking about the successfully deterred CBS mini-series "The Reagans" but I think the point still holds.

I've spent the last few hours going crazy emailing people and running up my cell phone bill about this. This diary at DailyKos has the email address and phone number of every person or organization involved. Please, make use of them all but if you're short on time, here's a few form letters:

The Democratic Party

Think Progress

ABC's 'Contact Us' page

ABC has stated that it would, "continue to make edits to strengthen a project right up to the broadcast date." I guess they realized that some of the people involved (say, Bill Clinton) might sue them later...

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Anonymous said...

OK, here the names, titles and email addresses for a number of key senior Disney decision makers I found, starting at the top
with the CEO and board of directors are at the bottom.

Let's make our voices heard and see if we can get these guys to pull this blatantly obvious Bush propaganda. ABC may profit from the predictable controversy but airing a film designed to obfuscate Bush's responsibility for 9/11 will cause ABC to suffer greatly in the estimation of serious people.

Disney and ABC should leave the RNC propaganda to Fox, it's not ABC's demographic.

Robert Iger - CEO - robert.a.iger@disney.com

Rich Ross - President of Disney Channel Worldwide - rich.ross@disney.com

Sean Cocchia - VP/Business Development, Disney Channel Worldwide- sean.cocchia@disney.com

Gary Marsh - Disney Channel Worldwide President of Entertainment - gary.marsh@disney.com

Sarah Shelton - Assistant to Gary Marshsarah - shelton@disney.com

Scott Garner - SVP/Programming, Disney Channel - scott.garner@disney.com

Karen Myer - Assistant to Scott Garner - karen.myer@disney.com

Meredith Metz - Senior Vice President, Creative Affairs, Walt Disney Television Animation - meredith.metz@disney.com

Lisa Salamone - The Head of Animation Production, Disney Channel - lisa.salamone@disney.com

Joanna Spak - The Head of Finance, Planning, etc., Disney Channel - joanna.spak@disney.com

Mark Kenchelian - The Head of Business and Legal Affairs, Disney Channel -mark.kenchelian@disney.com

Jewell Engstrom - CFO and Executive VP for Disney-ABC Cable Group - jewell.engstrom@disney.com

Olivia Stafford - Assistant to Jewell Engstrom - olivia.stafford@disney.com

Albert Cheng - EVP/Digital Media, Disney-ABC Television Group - albert.cheng@disney.com

Karen Hobson - Digital Media Communications Office, Disney-ABC Television Group - karen.hobson@disney.com

George Bodenheimer - Co-Chairman Media Networks Group - george.bodenheimer@disney.com

Nicole Nichols - Senior VP of Entertainment Communications, Disney-ABC Television Group - nicole.nichols@disney.com

Aime Wolfe - Assistant to Nicole Nichols - aime.wolfe@disney.com

Patti McTeague - VP of Kids Communications - patti.mcteague@disney.com

Siobhan Kenny - Acting Head of International Communications - siobhan.kenny@disney.com

Paul Lee - ABC Family Channel - paul.lee@disney.com

Annie Fort - ABC Family Media Relations - annie.fort@disney.com

Alex Wallau - President of Network Operations & Administration - alex.wallau@disney.com

David Westin - ABC News President - david.westin@disney.com

Mike Shaw - ABC Sales and Marketing President - mike.shaw@disney.com

Fred Kuperberg - Disney/ABC Executive VP of Business and Legal Affairs - fred.kuperberg@disney.com

Kara Rousseau - VP of Ad Sales Marketing for Disney/ABC Kids Networks - kara.rousseau@disney.com

Kim Harbin - Buena Vista Media Relations - kim.harbin@disney.com

Anne Gates - Disney Consumer Products Executive VP & CFO - anne.gates@disney.com

James Fielding - Senior VP, Retail Sales and Marketing for DCP - james.fielding@disney.com

Deborah Dugan - President of Disney Publishing - deborah.dugan@disney.com

Graham Hopper - Senior VP and General Manager of Buena Vista Games - graham.hopper@disney.com

Angela Emery - Director of Public Relations, Buena Vista Games - angela.emery@disney.com

Chris Bess - Buena Vista Home Entertainment - chris.bess@disney.com

Peter Murphy - Senior Adviser to Mr. Iger - peter.murphy@disney.com

Judy Estrin - Board of Directors - jestrin@packetdesign.com

John Bryson - Board of Directors - john.bryson@edisonintl.com

Monica Lozano - Board of Directors - monica.lozano@laopinion.com

John Chen - Board of Directors - john.chen@sybase.com

Gary Wilson - Board of Directors - gary.wilson@nwa.com

Leo Odonova - Board of Directors - leo.odonovan@mbna.com

Thomas Staggs - CFO/Senior V.P. - tom.staggs@disney.com

David K. Thompson - Senior Vice President - David.