Today's Washington Post covers both what Republicans want you to think because it's untrue and what Republicans don't want you to think because it is true.

First, the falsities the Right Wing desperately wants you to internalize, covered in Ruth Marcus' column:

Does it matter that ABC invented and distorted history in its "warning: this is not a documentary" docudrama, "The Path to 9/11"? After all, the first night of the faux drama was trounced by the brother-against-brother actual drama of "Sunday Night Football."

But consider: The gripping final report of the Sept. 11 commission (budget: $13.5 million) became a surprise bestseller at 1.5 million copies. The not-so-gripping, not-so-accurate ABC production (budget: $40 million) was seen by about 13 million viewers on the first night.
Ms. Marcus goes on to outline some of the more blatant inaccuracies, both what's included and excluded, pointing out that one of the foremost experts on the Clinton Administration's counter-terrorism efforts, Richard Clarke, now works for ABC.

So the Right Wing is attempting, through their media proxies, to falsify Clinton's anti-terrorism efforts. Nobody's pointing out that all the shock around the whole "Path to 9/11" thing is that ABC went along with it, not that various 'Wingers are trying to slander a former President.

The other thing nobody's pointing out is that the current President's counter terrorism efforts have garnered this:
BAGHDAD, Sept. 13--Nearly 100 people were killed or found dead in a series of bloody incidents throughout the Iraqi capital over the past 24 hours, authorities said.

At least 62 unidentified bullet-riddled corpses--all bearing signs of torture--have been found throughout the city since last night, said Brig. Gen. Abdullah Mahmood of the Interior Ministry.

Some of the bodies had been beheaded. Attacks on police patrols killed an additional 27 people this morning, officials said.
Oh, and the military announced that two more Americans have been killed too. That brings the total to 2672 killed and 19910 wounded. As of July 18, the U.N. puts the number of dead Iraqis at 14,000 for the first half of 2006 alone.

And Osama bin Laden is still. not. captured.

We have the luxury of having the truth bear out the failures of the Republican's Global War on Terrortm. We are NOT safer. The war in Iraq has allowed Afghanistan to drift slowly back towards Taliban control. Iraq is drifting quickly towards a civil war. Iran is building nukes. North Korea already has a bunch. The Islamic world is watching the violence and, rightly or wrongly, becoming ever more radicalized. Leaders, even pro-U.S. leaders, are forced to make concessions.

And, lest we forget, the U.S. government can listen in on your call to Aunt Maria in Italy without a warrant, hold U.S. citizens without charge or access to counsel, hold indefinitely any person they declare to be an 'enemy combatant' and torture people because it gives certain people in certain places a hard on.

Where is our response to "Path to 9/11"? We don't even need to lie! Why no docu-drama depicting the myriad of failures that the Republicans President and his Republican rubber-stamp congress have caused, to the shame of every American?

And then there are the disasters at home. I posit "Path to Katrina" as a possible response. We can even use actual footage of Bush ignoring warnings, then claiming nobody ever warned him...


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