Hypocritical Mother F*ckers.

From the Washington Post:

President Bush's supporters in the House narrowly defeated yesterday efforts to sidetrack his proposal for questioning and prosecuting terrorism suspects, but the issue continues to divide Congress in its final workdays before the November elections.

In an afternoon animated by switched votes, parliamentary gymnastics and protest cries from Democrats, the House Judiciary Committee barely managed to reject a rival proposal and endorse the administration's version of the legislation. Even if the chamber takes up the bill next week -- its last scheduled period of action before the elections -- the matter remains mired in the Senate, where a majority opposes the White House approach.
Ok, all well and good. Political maneuvering on a bill that won't pass anyway. Business as usual for the 'Do Nothing Congress.'
Even if the full House passes the measure next week, it may prove difficult or impossible to reconcile matters with the Senate. Warner and his allies pushed their bill through the Senate Armed Services Committee last week, and they are backed by a majority of senators. But they apparently lack the votes to fend off a threatened filibuster by pro-Bush forces, including Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.).
What? A FILIBUSTER? What happened to 'an up or down vote' you disingenuous halfwits? Did you not expect us to notice that a number of months ago you were telling us that filibusters were unConstitutional and that they were tearing our Republic apart so rapidly that only gay people might do it first?

And don't give me that 'we only meant it for judges' cow flop. You're just breathless opportunists. There are rules for everybody else, but you just do what comes natural.

And let me get this straight: You're going to filibuster a bill saying that the U.S. should NOT engage in torture. You're filibustering IN FAVOR of torture. I'm absolutely sure this won't end up looking like Strom Thurmond filibustering in favor of segregation. Really, I'm sure that in 20 years people will look back and say, 'Thank god those principled men stood up for our right to pull people's fingernails off with pliers and attach electrodes to their testicles.' Really. You should be proud of yourselves, groveling at the feet of the President.

I defer to Jon Stewart. I hope that your filibuster actually requires you to talk for hours on end and I hope that you fill that time describing, in detail, exactly what you think is appropriate for the United States to do to prisoners. Just describe water boarding. And stress positions. Tell us exactly how the CIA operations will go about causing agony 'short of organ failure' to make us safe.

If you want us to be the good-guys in the world - if you want the rest of the world to acknowledge us as the good-guys and treat us as the good-guys - you have to ACT LIKE FUCKING THE GOOD-GUYS!

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