Get Hannitized!

No, this doesn't mean washing your brain out with soap after watching FoxNews. Via The Politicker:

So here's an invitiation for a fund-raiser to be headlined this Friday by Fox News personality Sean Hannity on behalf of embattled Republican Sen. George Allen of Virginia. (The "macaca" guy.)
The morality of campaigning for a racist bastard aside, what would the reaction be if Keith Olberman started campaigning for Russ Feingold? We could count on breathless reports on 'Fair & Balanced' FoxNews decrying the 'unAmericanism' of having a journalist campaigning for a candidate. Thousands of calls from activated Sheeple Cells would pour into MSNBC demanding that Olberman be fired.

Will any major media even mention this? My guess is no. Will thousands of liberals (and people with brains in general) call Fox demanding Hannity be fired? Nope.

The bumper sticker is true: If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

But nobody's paying attention.

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