Buchy Just Can't Help It

Via Think Progress:

"COLMES: Would you prefer only white immigrants?

BUCHANAN: No. What I would like is -— I'd like the country I grew up in. It was a good country. I lived in Washington, D.C., 400,000 black folks, 400,000 white folks, in a country 89 or 90 percent white. I like that country."
By following the flaming wreckage, we can see that Pat Buchanan's never ending book tour / whites only rally has taken him to Hannity and Colmes on Fox. As expected, Pat ran his mouth off about how much he doesn't like people that aren't white.

Pat's choice of words is actually rather revealing.

I don't know if Pat actually hates black people or not, but I'm going to guess that they do make him uncomfortable. For whatever reason (and I'm not going to speculate) Pat wishes that he just didn't have to deal with all this multiculturalism. For him, it's all about the warm, safe, fuzzy feeling he had in the America he "grew up in." Pat just does't want any change that makes him either think or feel. He's lazy. He just doesn't want to put in the work. For him (and many like him) it's just easier to hang on to what he's used to.

THIS DOESN'T MAKE WHAT HE SAID RIGHT. It doesn't make it any less racist, and it certainly doesn't forgive him. I'm NOT an apologist for Pat Buchanan.

I point out Pat particular flavor of racism for one reason: It's disappearing. Pat Buchanan will be 68 in two months. People have to remember that America to say things like Pat does. As people that didn't grow up in an America with varied immigration become a smaller and smaller part of the population, this sort of nostalgic racism will disappear.

Which isn't to say that racism will slowly die out on its own. It won't. The GOP has had too much success using it as a campaign issue.

Just look at Pat Buchanan.

Photo Credit: The Columbia News

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