Anti-Muslim Bigotry

It's always strange to read about what is, for me, local news in far-flung sources. Though I hadn't heard about it in local news, ABC 7 out of Denver reports on events in my own back yard:

A Maryland substitute teacher was arrested after an alleged anti-Islamic tirade in front of high school students.

Carol Joan McVey, 49, was charged with resisting arrest, trespassing, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.

Police said McVey became upset when she heard some students at Gaithersburg High School, who were being assisted by another teacher, practicing a speech and using some Arabic words.


Charging documents allege McVey shouted, "Islam doesn't mean peace, it means killing everyone for peace" and "Because of you, our families died in New York!"
After being told by the principal told McVey that her services were no longer needed, she was escorted out of the school by the educational facilities officer. At that point, she thought it might be a good time to yell at a teacher of Hispanic descent about talking to students in a language other than English. Then she tried to re-enter the school. The educational facilities officer had to call in an additional officer to arrest her.

Hmmm... Recognize any key election issues brought strikingly to life in this incident?

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Anonymous said...

Cease and desist your defamatory statements. The person who initiated this false report later admitted that she was offended by Ms. McVey's red skin, Ms. McVey's understanding and use of words, phrases, and definitions that included English, French, Arabic, and Hebrew. Clearly, this substitute (Ms. McVey) was overqualified for her job.