Who Dressed Me?

I try not to judge people on how they dress. You know, that whole 'judge not, lest ye be judged' sort of thing. But really, even if George didn't know better, his handlers should have.

Last night, Keith Olberman ran the footage of Bush delivering his 'speech' at the National Counter Terrorism center. God, the man mangled that speech. At points he looked lost. But I was struck most by just how stunningly ugly his suit was. If it had be half a size to small, I would have sworn that the guy wearing it was that guy at church on Easter that only wears a suit twice a year and has had the same one since the early 1980s. But he's not. He's the President of the United States. All he needed was cowboy boots (and to be honest, he could have been wearing cowboy boots - I didn't see his feet) and one of those bollo ties and he could have been a rich but classless Texas Oil man from the '70s...

But best of all was the absolutely comical attempt to once again dredge up 'the Reagan Mystique.' It takes a lot more than a brown suit to pull off Ronald Reagan. I mean, at least that guy could deliver his lines somewhere within the generally accepted rules of grammar.

It's really kind of sad that the President of the United States has been reduced to dressing up in a costume to pull up his ratings.

As for the speech, Bush said "America is safer than it has been. But it's not yet safe." One presumes he means 'My party, the Republicans, are making you safe - but don't feel safe! Be scared! Be scared!'

Your party can't be the one that will make America safe after 9/11 and the one that already did, Mr. Bush.

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