The jingoism in this country knows no bounds. Via the ABC 7 News, Denver:

LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- A Jefferson County geography teacher was placed on paid administrative on the second day of school for hanging several flags from other countries in his classroom.

Eric Hamlin said the flags were part of a world geography lesson plan at Carmody Middle School and refused to take them down. The school's principal escorted Hamlin out of class Wednesday morning after he refused to remove the flags of China and Mexico.

The school district placed him on administrative leave for insubordination, citing a Colorado law that makes it illegal to display foreign flags permanently in schools.
So you're telling me that it's illegal for the French teacher to have the tri-color on display in his or her class room? It's ILLEGAL for the geography teacher to have foreign flags on display in the classroom?

Can somebody please explain to me who the fuck thought this law was a good idea? Can somebody explain to me WHY THIS LAW WAS NEEDED?

I mean, was there a rash of Colorado teachers expecting children to pledge allegiance to the Canadian flag? The Italian flag?

Idiots on the Right are always complaining about frivolous lawsuits clogging up our court system. I'd like to register my complaint about frivolous fucking LAWS clogging up our legislative system.

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