Sex Advice

Three guesses where I found this quote:

"Human beings differ in practically every characteristic. Our feet come in different sizes, our teeth are shaped differently, some people eat more than others, and some are taller than their peers. We are unique individuals. Accordingly, we differ in sexual appetites. Our intellectual "computers" are clearly programmed differently through the process of genetic inheritance. Some of us "hunger and thirst" after [...] Given this variability, we should learn to accept ourselves sexually, as well as physically and emotionally. "
Come on, guess!

Give up?

That'd be Focus on the Family.

It's from an article on their website (don't ask me why I was there) that was a sort of question and answer about why some people desire more 'married sex' and some less. The omitted portion said, "... our sexuality, while others take it much more casually."

They got so close to getting it, but it just went right past them.

The 'self help' portion of their website is sort of like a freak show. It's actually incredibly alarming. Downright horrifying at times, but also fascinating. You just can't turn away...

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