Ridge Slams Cheney

Think Progress reports that the 8/21 issue of Newsweek quotes fromer Head of Homeland Security Tom Ridge,

"[Responding to Cheney'’s claim that Lamont'’s victory would encourage 'al Qaeda types'’], former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge bridled at his former colleague's remark: "‘That may be the way the vice president sees it,"’ he sees it, "‘but I don'’t see it that way, and I don'’t think most Americans see it that way.'"”
Somebody hasn't been getting his ration of koolaid lately...

I haven't seen the article, but I'm hoping that somebody in the media is going to start calling Republicans on their scaremongering. We're fighting a war in the middle east to bring them democracy but when democracy works in Connecticut, it encourages terrorists. Then why the fuck are we sending American soldiers to fight and die in Iraq to bring them democracy?

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