Our Iron Lady

Time has a profile of Nancy Pelosi:

"The 66-year-old San Francisco lawmaker is an aggressive, hyperpartisan liberal pol who is the Democrats' version of Tom DeLay, minus the ethical and legal problems of the former Republican House leader."
Overall, it's an even-handed profile. It shows an unapologetic liberal getting things done in congress. It points out the fact that there is no more logic in attacking somebody for being 'too liberal' than being 'too conservative,' if in a round-about way. It shows how opponents on both sides of the isle have tried to run against her a 'too liberal' and lost. That fact is one that the whole party would be better off having learned.

The profile really acts as an introduction to the woman that will be Speaker of the House. The first woman to be Speaker of the House. And that quote '... without the ethical and legal problems' was great.

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