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Respectfully stolen from RawStory:

Pennsylvania Wing Nut Rick Santorum demonstrates his idiocy:

"I am outraged," Santorum said of the administration's approval of Mohammad Khatami's request for visa. "Mohammed Khatami is one of the chief propagandists of the Islamic Fascist regime... I believe that granting a visa to Khatami so that he can travel around the United States and mislead the American people is a mistake."

Ironically, Santorum's chief complaint about Khatami's plans to speak in America is the former president's record on free speech.

"During his presidency," Santorum elaborated, "the suppression of free speech was so great that the organization 'Reporters Without Frontiers' branded Iran 'the greatest predator of free press in the Middle East.' When Iranian students demonstrated against the regime in 1999, Khatami's government arrested thousands of people, some of whom remain in prison to this day."
FoxNews seems to be having a viewership problem:
According to the Nielsen ratings, as compiled by TV Newser, Fox News Channel's total viewership dropped 7 percent from last August, and it's prime time audience is down 28 percent.

Meanwhile, CNN's ratings increased 35% in total and 21% in prime time as MSNBC moved up 26% and 6%.
Asked about the drop, Fox News said through a spokesman that CNN must be "employing fuzzy math." The spokesman mean Nielsen was using the fuzzy math, right? Right?

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