More Polling (Good) News

Survey USA reports that the Ohio Senate Race is also favoring the Democratic Candidate:

A SurveyUSA poll taken this weekend shows Democrat Sherrod Brown defeating incumbent Republican Mike DeWine in the race for one of Ohio's Senatorial seats.
Brown, who represents Ohio's 13th District in Congress, unseats DeWine, 49% to 41% in a vote today, statistically unchanged from an identical SurveyUSA poll released two months ago.

Though there is volatility among age groups - Brown is up among the youngest voters, down among middle-aged voters - the overall outcome is unchanged.

The two candidates are tied among male voters.

Brown's overall 8-point advantage comes entirely from his 15-point lead among female voters.
I'm glad I'm not a Republican incumbent this election cycle. Actually, I'm glad I'm not a Republican, period.

A new Citation du Jour from Taegan Goddard's Political Wire:
"Losing a political election is a very painful, emotional experience, in part because it is so visible and in part because we politicians are so competitive. Like a professional athlete whose success or failure is witnessed by a crowd of spectators, a politician 'performs,' if you will, in public. Unlike an athlete, however, his success or failure is directly determined by the audience. They don't just boo or cheer. They vote you in or out. We candidates are, after all, seeking their approval. If it is denied, that is clear and it hurts. You can't help taking it personally."

-- Sen. Joe Lieberman, in his book In Praise of Public Life published in 2000.

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