More Evolved Educational Standards

Ok, I'm really done with the obnoxious titles for a while.

The Washington Post reports that conservative Republican members of the Kansas Board of Education have been voted out of office:

Conservative Republicans who approved new classroom standards that call evolution into question lost control of the State Board of Education in Tuesday's primary election.

A victory by pro-evolution Republican candidate Jana Shaver over conservative Republican Brad Patzer, who supported the standards treating evolution as a flawed theory, meant conservatives would at best have five of 10 seats on the board.

Five seats were up for election in the primary, the latest skirmish in a seesawing battle between faith and science that has opened Kansas up to international ridicule.
Good news, of course. Sad that the article didn't ever bother to mention that 99.9% of all respected scientists support Evolution as a key concept in our understanding of biology, bio-chemistry, genetics, and countless other important fields.

Worse yet, the article finished with a blurb about the Discovery Institute, the anti-Evolution fiction factory in Seattle.

Perhaps the Washington Post assumed that it's readership was both well enough educated to know that on their own. I do know this: School children in Kansas are very well educated when it comes to the impact of political propagandising on their education.

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