Katherine Harris: Bottomless Bag of Idiocy

Via Wonkette:

Harris clarifies: When I said that voting against Christians is voting for Satan, I meant to say that I have at least one Jew on staff.

Answering bewildered criticism with a similarly bewildering non-sequitur, Harris' office issued a "clarification" this weekend that gives a little context to statements ("If you're not electing Christians, then in essence you are going to legislate sin") that seemed pretty clear to begin with.
All this fun came from Katherine's interview with the Florida Baptist Witness.
In a couple paragraphs [from the 'correction'], we learn:
  • Harris campaign manager Bryan Rudnick is a Jew.
  • "In Congress, Katherine Harris has consistently supported pro-Israel legislation."
  • "As Harris frequently reminds voters in her campaign speeches for the U.S. Senate, she is committed to standing by Israel."
So, to sum up, electing Christians is still urgent and key, but you're allowed to have a couple Jews working for you (and we're totally cool with that country they have).
The question we need to start asking every Republican candidate is 'Katherine Harris said that voting for non-Christians is voting to legislate sin: Could you please explain how your position is different from Katherine's?'

It's a no win situation for any GOoPer. They either have to say 'voting for Christians is not important' or 'I agree with Katherine Harris.' Sit back and watch the heads explode...

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