Kansas' Evolving Stance on Evolution

The Washington Post has an interesting article on the upcoming school board elections in Kansas:

Evolution's defenders, working to defeat Kansas Board of Education members who oppose modern Darwinian theory, are challenging three incumbent Republican conservatives and the political heir to a fourth in Tuesday's primary.

A shift of two seats to moderate Republicans -- or to Democrats -- in November almost certainly would lead to a reversal of state science standards celebrated by many religious conservatives and reviled by the scientific establishment.
The article goes on to mention that there are a lot of people in Kansas that are rather embarassed. The cartoons depicting a bunch of cave-men sitting at desks with the label 'Kansas' seems to rankle a bit.


One of the scariest parts of Republicanism 2.0 is it's virulent anti-science rhetoric. Well, that and the labeling of Liberalism and Science (Secular Humanism) as a religion. The piece notes that it isn't necessary to elect a Democrat to have the Creationist retrogrades thrown out. Moderate Republicans (Republicanism 1.0?) are also in opposition to the Christianists.

Here's hoping the people of Kansas vote out the crazies.

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