It's Starting to Seem Compulsive...

Republicans lie so much that they can't even stop themselves from lying when they don't need to. Via the AP:

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Republican Rep. Jean Schmidt is fast, capable of running a marathon in 3 hours, 19 minutes, 6 seconds.

At least that's what a photo on the Ohio congresswoman's Web site shows.

No way, says a rival who contends that the picture from the 1993 Columbus Marathon is doctored and complained to state election officials. A four-member commission panel ruled Thursday that there was enough evidence to look into the complaint.

State law prohibits candidates from publishing false statements designed to promote their election.

The photo shows Schmidt near the finish line at the marathon with a time clock showing 3:19:06, which would have made her one of the top finishers. But a newspaper list of the top runners does not include Schmidt, said Nathan Noy, who is seeking to run as a write-in candidate against Schmidt.

Noy said he believes the photo may be fake and suggested that Schmidt never even participated in the event. In the photo, Schmidt doesn't cast a shadow while other runners do.
Obviously Schmidt is a vampire.

Kidding aside, why would a candidate run an ad about running in a marathons that she hadn't actually run in? They couldn't come up with any other sort of ad that didn't involve photoshopping the candidate into a picture? Worse yet, they couldn't find anybody to do a decent job!
On her Web site, Schmidt, who is 54, said she has completed 59 marathons. In April, she received a public reprimand from the Ohio Elections Commission for claiming on her Web site that she had two college degrees when she had only one.
I bet when somebody tells a story at a party, she'll always tell a story to beat it.
Person 1: "One time in college, I was kinda drunk down by the pond and got attacked by a duck!"

Shmidt: "Oh yeah? When I was hiking in the Ganges delta, I was attacked by a flock of whopping cranes. Their razor sharp beaks took off two fingers!!"

::looks down at hand::

"Doctors reattached them, of course..."
is it just me or does it seem that the Republican Party is having trouble attracting 'top tier' candidates this election cycle?

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