How Disappointing....

According to US News & World Reports, White House Strategists are disappointed about the terror plot foiled by the British. It seems they didn't get the political 'bump' they were hoping for.

That's right, a Republican Strategist in the White House went on record saying that he or she was really hoping to get more political benefit out of an attempt to kill large numbers of innocent civilians.

It seems that BushCo. and his Republican lackeys can't get their prize dog to run anymore. That must be scary.

It probably also explains why the Vice President is busy telling people that if they vote for Democrats, they're going to die in a fiery terrorist attack.

Might have something to do with Orrin Hatch twittering about terrorists waiting for Democrats to win, then mounting a new offensive.

But I really doubt it has anything to do with Tramm Hudson waxing on the inability African Americans to swim.

GOP racism aside, I'm surprised that the Bush Administration hasn't been playing with the color coded terror alert system. Maybe they think it's still a little early to bring out that trick. The only issue that the GOP has to run on is Iraq/Terrorism. The Economy sucks. They've outlawed gay marriage in all the states that will outlaw gay marriage...


I forgot about immigration. They can still run on not letting brown people into the country. While saying it's important to spy on other brown people once they're in this country, especially when they're calling brown people in their home countries. Oh, and the importance of continuing to bomb brown people in Iraq.

I guess all the main planks of the Republican Platform fit together better than I thought...

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Robert said...

Republicans need to vote hard in this primary to keep this racist pig out of the general election. If Hudson wins the primary, the Democrats are going to walk all over him and then hold him up as another elitist Republican career politician out of touch with the people. It doesn't help that he runs the local Republican club.