Fox News - No Longer Patriotic!

Don't those erstwhile Patriots at Fox News know that by releasing a poll that shows that MORE THAN two out of three Americans think that sectarian violence in Iraq is unavoidable is going to help the al-Qaeda types?

Fox News has tipped our hand. The poll shows the terrorists that 67% of Americans have the common sense to see what our fearless President, by sheer force of will, has kept from becoming the truth by simply refusing to believe! How can our divinely chosen President defeat terrorism with the fearful power of 'staying the course' when the Liberal Bastards at Fox News tell the Islamo-Fascists that "58 per cent of respondents believe the U.S. should pull out all of its troops from Iraq before the end of 2007[?]"

Fox News used to be reliable. They'd bring on guests to demonize the enemy with courageous disregard for unPatriotic things like truth, facts, and evidence. Their stars could be counted on to lie about the enemies of "The Great Decider!" Fox News used to be so reliable. Where are we to go now for our hyper-Patriotic affirmations of what we already believe?

Dear God, maybe we'll have to actually read something...

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