Chafee vs. Whitehouse

More Polling news in the North East: Rasmussen reports that Lincoln Chafee (R) is trailing Sheldon Whitehouse (D) by six points:

Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee, marginally leading his Democratic opponent in previous surveys, is trailing for the second Rasmussen Reports election poll in a row. Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse now leads 44% to 38% (see crosstabs). A month ago, Whitehouse was ahead 46% to 41%.

Chafee faces a primary battle with Cranston Mayor Steve Laffey, not the GOP's best hope here. In a match-up with Laffey, Whitehouse leads 55% to 31%.

Chaffee's tribulations are not unique. Our recent polling shows that Democrats are holding their own in Senate contests, including in states where it was thought the GOP had a decent chance to pick up a seat (see commentary on trends). Meanwhile, five incumbent Republican senators, including Chafee, now trail Democrat challengers (that list also includes Senators Santorum, Burns, DeWine, and Talent).
Not a commanding lead, but encouraging none the less. Interestingly, both candidates, Chafee and Whitehouse lost ground from last month's poll. Whitehouse from 46% to 44% and Chafee from 41% to 38%. I'm guessing this has to do with some sort of polling procedure. Chafee did lose more, so I guess if you were going to assign 'momentum' it would be with Whitehouse.

All the signs are there for a big turn around in November. I'm looking forward to finding out what the Republican-manufactured October Surprise will be.

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