The CEO President

It was a nice idea, running a country like a business. To bad we got a ###### CEO. Like all CEOs, Bush has been obsessed with profits. Unfortunately all the 'Oil Men' at BushCo. seem to be more concerned about oil company profits than balancing the budget.

On a related note... The Boston Globe reports on (drumroll please) record high gas prices!

US gasoline prices hit a record high near $3.03 a gallon at the end of last week but should begin to fall as the summer driving season ends, according to the Lundberg industry survey.
How happy I'd be if that's all I was paying... Gas here in my neck of the DC metro area is between $3.05 and $3.32 per gallon. Still glad you bought that Chevy Suburban Mr. Giant Flag Decal man?

Schadenfreude? You Betcha!

I've hated SUVs since they started to appear. Maybe it was because I was always stuck behind some idiot lumbering down the back roads of Pennsylvania in a Ford Excursion at 5 mph below the speed limit and the GTI was just itching to go. Maybe it's because I couldn't see around them when I was trying to turn. Maybe it's because the size of a person's SUV is inversely proportional to their ability to park correctly. Exponentially in the case of parallel parking.

Let's refocus so this doesn't become a diatribe about my hatred of people who drive gigantic trucks to pick up milk at the corner store.

The forecasted slow decline in gas prices as summer driving season should actually be a benefit for the GOP. High gas prices aren't popular with voters. The spike in the price at the pump is probably the only thing preventing Republicans from manufacturing some sort of stand-off with Iran as an October Surprise. Hopefully Democrats will be smart enough to use the outrageous subsidies Republicans have been serving to Oil Execs on silver platters despite record high profits as a campaign issue...

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